The Last Appeal of Democracy House Team during the War

Dear diplomats who used to work in Ukraine,
We are addressing your governments with the following information:
• Stop being afraid of terrorist Putin! He is destroying the world order and is killing Ukrainian civilians. He is blackmailing the whole world and is devastating the life of 44-million European nation.
• Introduce no flight zone in Ukraine! Fear of your political elites to provoke a full-scale war is killing Ukrainians every minute. The full-scale war is already ongoing and Ukraine is defending not only itself but the whole continent. If Ukraine falls, the Eastern European and Baltic countries will be next.
• Provide us with heavy lethal weapons, aviation, anti-aircraft systems, and tanks! We are ready to fight the enemy, but we need technical means to do it. Over the last ten days, the Ukrainian army has proved that the Russian army can only wage war against civilians. With highly motivated and skilled Ukrainian troops, they have no chances.
• You think that the diplomacy and sanctions are enough and it will change Putin’s calculus. Only Ukrainian Army and resolve of Ukrainian leadership and Ukrainian people is now changing his plans. Russia understands only the language of force and you have to be ready to use this language.
• You think that it is not your war and you want to continue your life as usual. The life will never be the same – either in Ukraine or elsewhere. Millions of Ukrainians will seek asylum in your countries and Russia will use the chaos to send its sabotage groups to destabilize your countries.
• Russia always wants to fight with someone else’s hands. Now they are mobilizing people in Crimea and Donbas and force them to fight their compatriots in Ukraine. They are trying to use Chechnya and Belarus to do their dirty job. If Ukraine falls, they will try to use Ukrainians against you as the Soviet Union did in Finland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia.
• Yesterday, Russian terrorists