Vadym Novinskyi: Peace or Capital?

Just a year before the presidential election, Vadym Novinsky announced an establishment of a “Party of Peace”

Amid systemic crisis in stakeholders of the Opposition Bloc, business problems and corporate conflicts with the president, Vadym Novinsky decided to launch own political project. Active political efforts may provide Novinsky with political immunity as well as preserve and boost his business.

Novinsky’s principal goals are to become a consolidated candidate from Eastern and Southern regions and demonstrate high election result so that he could enter the Verhovna Rada during the next parliamentary election and form own deputy faction.

In political competition, Vadym Novinsky will oppose the current authorities, promote rapprochement with Russia, industrial recovery of Eastern and Southern regions and peace in Donbas at any price.

Generally, the “Party of Peace” project has theoretical chances for electoral success. Vadym Novinsky is one of the richest oligarchs, thus he can invest significant resources in election campaign. Second, the oligarch enjoys support from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) which has a wide network in entire Ukraine. Third, Novinsky is among few Ukrainian politicians who may rely on Russia’s political support.

In order to achieve his objectives, Novinsky will have to make an agreement with stakeholders of the Opposition Bloc and compete with other opponents targeting constituents of the former Party of Regions. His opponents may include Yuriy Boyko, Viktor Medvedchuk, Mykhailo Dobkin and Oleksandr Vilkul.