Democracy House presented its vision of the Ukrainian presidential election

Democracy House in partnership with the French Embassy in Ukraine and the French Chamber of Commerce conducted a conference on the Ukrainian presidential election. The purpose of the conference is to familiar French firms working in Ukraine with possible scenarios of developments in the country after the presidential election.
Political expert of Democracy House Anatoliy Oktysiuk outlined peculiarities of the current presidential campaign, analyzed programs of key candidates and defined stakes of Ukrainian oligarchs.
According to Oktysiuk, the current election has several unique features: 2-3 real contenders (Petro Poroshenko, Yulia Tymoshenko and possibly Anatoliy Grytsenko), the absence of a definite favourite, a large number of technical candidates, high stakes on the parliamentary elections, an extraordinary high number of voters who have not yet decided on their candidate (more than 50%) and the absence of information on the actual number of voters.